Since 1957, our Funeral Home has been honored to serve countless families in their time of loss.


Today, more people are recognizing the value of advanced funeral planning.  Pre-planning offers a family time to talk things over and ask questions. It can be a time to consider options and to discuss them with those they care about.  Pre-planning allows for time to make informed decisions.  It is a thoughtful decision that reduces the stress, which so often follows a death.

We will meet with family members at either your home or at the Nat & Gawlas Funeral Home to discuss options available and review biographical and family information.  If you desire to set funds aside for your funeral, we can assist you in setting up a revocable or irrevocable trust account based upon the Medicaid status of the individual.  These accounts are interest bearing, with the accumulation of interest being used to offset increases in funeral expenses. Because there are several areas not under the control of the funeral home, (i.e. church, cemetery, death certificates, obituary notices and flowers) not all charges can be guaranteed.

If you would like further information concerning funeral pre-planning or funeral costs, please call us at 570-825-3138.  We will be glad to assist you and your family.